Friday, August 7, 2009

Four Plus Four is Half of Sixteen

Well, here we are again, as promised. Here's the rest of that layout I peeked yesterday. Used lots of Amy Butler here and that fabulous pink floral pp is Creative Cafe. I really like the charcoals and pinks here. This is a pix of my sweet and sassy Sophia at 10 days. Getting stronger at the hospital, but still struggling with A's and B's. Finally feeling strong enough myself to scrap some of these not so perfect moments when the twinnies were so new and fragile.

Fast forward two years and here are the twinnies on their cool new rides we gave them for their birthday. Schwinn old school Roadsters. Loved the red one that Patrick found online, but when he scrolled down the page and found the PINK ONE I was sold. Nothing makes me happier than finding 2 matching items with one done in pink. OK, ok, maybe new Sass makes me happier. (wink) Love that as soon as I let the two of them loose, they each ran for their bikes. He to the red one, and she to the pink. Love that.

Tell me this boy won't melt some hearts in a few years...

Something else made me happy this week. Miss Julia followed in her momma's
footsteps 5 years early. She's CHEERING!! AND, she loves it just as much as I did. Here she is at her first practice. If you're wondering what I'm up to it is all Pop Warner, all the time. P.J. to football practice and J. to cheer practice FIVE evenings a week. Sorry for all the screaming this eve. It's been a long one. I love them. I'm just pooped. But, they are happy. All five.

Be still my heart. This one almost takes my breath away.

Will try to grab some pix of my other recent stuff. Thanks for listening. Be back soon.


  1. This LO is beautiful Jenny. It must have been hard to do, but theraputic too. They are so cute! And happy and healthy!! Love the new trikes!! They are stylin'!! Way to go Julia!! Looks like she is having fun!!