Tuesday, September 1, 2009

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Five weeks from tomorrow I will no longer be playing a harried, crazy single momma. Patrick will be home from his ia at Central Command. Somehow, General P will have to do without. I mean, c'mon, we had to do it for seven months. Shortly after his return, I'm sure I'll be begging for him to head out again. You know how they drive you crazy when they come home, sweep the kiddos off their collective feet AND muck up your routine!!

#1 and #2 go back to school in a week. Yep, I'm that mom. The kind who numbers her kids. That will leave me with my mornings to run errands with JUST 2 of the brood in tow. Until then, our evenings are still filled with cheer and ba ball (as Sullivan says) practices. I spend said evenings running between the 2 locales trying to keep up with the new cheers and staying on top of P.J.'s tackling skills AND chasing these two...

Most nights they win. Oh well. Julia tried on three dresses before we headed out the door to her friend's birthday party. Is this really a peek into what life with her as a teenager will be?!?? They do look really cute together though, don't they?
Sassafras Lass was having a Warehouse Sale a couple weeks ago. I snatched up Box B. It's filled with $125 dollars worth of older and newer Sass goodies. All this for $50 plus shipping. I'm in love...

How can anyone not LOVE this stuff? Ahh, bliss. Here's a peek at yet another Sass lovin layout. Love these pix I took of me and our resident pirate on Reagan's fourth birthday. He says this to me daily, repeatedly. "I love you everyday". Thanks for listening...

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  1. You can do it, Jen!! Before you know it, those 5 weeks will be over!! And, yes, Patrick will muck up your system. Greg does mine too!! LOL But, you will be glad to have him home!! I will take some of the sass felties and buttons and blossoms.. not as huge of a fan of their paper. Still struggle with it alittle. The Twinnies are so cute and getting so big!! It is a cute LO of you and Reagan!! Hang in there!!