Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meet Jesse the Farmer

I'm here! I'm here! Not quite sure what caused my absence from blogdom. I'm definitely getting back into the school routine. I'm enjoying my time with "just" the twinnies. Our morning errands and time in the backyard together. I'm REALLY enjoying nap time, for the first time since June. My house is actually quiet for three hours every week day!! Eeks! The silence is almost deafening some days, but I really do value it, not only to complete chores, but to re-charge ME. Something that just wasn't happening with the Fab five home all summer. I will admit that I am almost eager to start picking up the brood every afternoon.

Saints and cheerleading and football continue to consume our lives. Here are the twinnies enjoying the day. Our resident Cheerleader in Training and flirty Sullivan...

Our home backs up to some rich farm fields. We've always enjoyed watching the various crops that are grown here. It appeared to us city folk that the corn was going unpicked. Little did we know that it was not for human consumption, but for animal feed. How would I know this?!? Well, meet Farmer Jesse. He spied my Bigs peering over the fence as he was tending the field. He stopped and asked P.J. for a ride. P.J. asked Momma and I grabbed my camera and the big lens. Here are some shots I captured. They all got to ride and, don't tell the others, but P.J. even got to drive! Talk about a teachable moment for us!

Here's P.J. at the wheel...

Still scrappin just for fun this week. here's a peek... Mixed some new and older Sass here. Yumm.O.

Did this one with Scarlet Lime's September kit. love it!

A bit of this and that...

My sweet mail lady just braved the rain to bring me Sass prize package. Off to scrap abit. More on that later! And I'll post this month's Mosh Posh projects.

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  1. Jenny, I am surrounded by farms too!! I am smack dab in the middle of farm country. Three sides of my development.. the fourth is the highway. We bike up to the one dairy farm, as the cows are Ben's alltime fav!! He calls them "my cows", like he has taken ownership of them! LOL And, yes, field corn is not so good for human consumption. LOL So cool they got to ride/drive the tractor!! Ben's dream!! For now he is content on walking to where he has a better vantage point of the fields and tractors when they are out. Love the LO's. That one of Patrick with one of the twins is really sweet!!!