Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If The Shoe Fits

Choo choo, the crazy train continues. I keep packing and the brood keeps on unpacking. Oh, where did that toy come from? Oh, I want to read THAT book. Oh, I can still fit in that pirate shirt. Oh... squirrel! The Bigs are home on Spring Break and we're stuck inside due to a rather pleasant stomach bug and these darn pesky boxes. I do reward my endeavors with frequent breaks to enjoy my surroundings. Once such break was volunteering in Reagan's class. I was lucky enough to get to read to the class and help out with a couple of craft/math activities. It was so much fun to be back in the classroom. Now THAT is like riding a bike. But, the highlight of my visit was helping out with the Easter Egg Hunt in the school's courtyard. The very same hunt I volunteered for when P.J. and Julia, too were kindergarteners. I will miss this place next year.

The oh so proud boy. He has this crazy grin on in every picture when Momma is in his class.

A new lady friend...

The Twinnies with their completed craft and a new friend , as well.

Had to show you this closeup from my last post. I just love how all the little details of this layout for Scrap That Baby came together.

This next one I did for Creative Soup's Mojo Monday. The PROMPT 4.18 was to find inspiration in a shoe. This one was an easy one for me as I have always been inspired by the cute little shoes my kiddos wear from Stride Rite. Here's my take on the prompt and the shoes that inspired me. Please come play along... the forum is hopping with chatter and creativity.



  1. Keep that crazy train moving, Mama!!! Good luck with all the packing. My kids do that too...when i'm packing stuff up for Goodwill they will be behind me unpacking it saying they can't part with it! Love the layouts, too. Glad you are still able to scrap in your time of craziness!!

  2. This is just total cuteness!