Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nine Days

Nine days. That's how many days til I hear the beep beep beep of the 26 foot moving truck backing up to my Suffolk house. Yep, D Day is almost here. As of yesterday, I have packed 148 boxes. I'm down to clothes, the kitchen, the good stuff in my scraproom, and miscellaneous stuff here and there. I'd say that's pretty good for doing it all myself in like 4 weeks. Nine days and what am I doing?!? Blogging. That's ok, I'll be back to it soon enough. The cardboard aint goin nowhere unless I say so.

Easter was good to us. Sunday was filled with a visit from the NJ Easter Bunny(Aunt Deb & Uncle George via the big brown truck), and brunch at my favorite brunch place in Smithfield on the water, and a wonderful Easter service at church. Sigh, will I miss THAT place. To think we've been a part of that church family since my oldest, now 10, was FOUR!!!!

So we won't be TOO photo heavy I'll leave you with a peek at these crazy baskets my brood got from NJ. I'll share more of Easter weekend next time.

Please join us for this. I really can not stress to you how much you NEED to join this site. You will never be without inspo and a friend ever again.

Please join Creative Soup for its Grand Re-Opening Gala!

May 1st through May 8th

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This one I created for Creative Soup's 4.25 Craft Inspo Mojo Monday prompt.

LinkAren't hexagons such a fun shape...

New Cosmo Cricket Upcycle goodies. Look it how sweet Puppy was on his first Christmas...

The reopening Gala at Creative Soup is the First. My first project for Crop Suey goes up that day, as well. I'll be back soon to share all of those projects with YOU. Thanks for stopping, and I adore your comments. They do this tired Momma good! <3 Jenny


  1. Love it all Jenny <3 and everyone should definitely come over to Creative Soup and see all the super amazing stuff Jenny makes!!

  2. You do such cute stuff! Good luck on your move momma....we just moved last month and I do NOT envy you!