Monday, April 4, 2011

Seriously... Where DOES the Time Go?!?

So, what's shakin Hot Stuff? Busy, busy here. Over the last few weeks we've been busy with family visiting from out of town, making plans to move (locally), birthday celebrations and plans, plans plans. Gotta love a life constantly in a state of fluidity. At least it keeps one on one's toes!!

Had a wonderful visit with Geega & Dumpa and Aunt Debbie and Uncle George. They spoiled us with their time and fun stuff too. We celebrated a belated birthday for Julia and a very belated Christmas while they were here. Fun, fun, fun. One of the highlights (at least for Sullivan) has to be Sullivan FINALLY graduating to Big Boy status and receiving a much-loved Hess truck from Deb & George. Oh Happy Boy.

Someone else celebrated a birthday, as well. This one was a true milestone. Hubby celebrated the Big 4-0. Way too much was to be had on that day(s) for sure. This picture will have to suffice.

More news to share HERE. I guess I GOTTA make time to scrap with all of these new teams to play with, huh?!? The moving moxes and sorting and purging will have to wait. On that note, we were lucky enough to get through a typically year-and-a half-wait list to get into base housing in TWO MONTHS. so, as of the end of May, I'll be a Virginia Beach resident. Can't wait for all the fun stuff that will bring for the brood. Let alone not having to listen to Donk complain about the commute from he double toothpicks any longer. Can I get a, "Woot Woot?"

My last few projects for Scrapbook Express. I had a blast designing with their fantastic products including this Twig line from Little Yellow Bicycle.

Later. Is it Spring in YOUR neck of the woods? It sure is here... well, today anyways.


  1. Hey Jenny! I love your work!! Welcome to Crop Suey - we're going to have a GREAT designing term!! Good luck with your move and ALL the other activities you're juggling!!

  2. Ugh! Not spring here... well, not what I would like. Cold, WIND, rain. Garage door #3 is now on our garage (this is in 6 yrs!) Didn't know you needed a hurricane rated door living in WI, did ya?? LOL Happy birhtday to Julia and Patrick! Yay to base housing!!! I hope you enjoy living on base!! Good luck with the move! LOVE all of the latest scrappy works!!! Congrats on the new DT!!!!

  3. Congrats on the new DT Jenny!
    Sounds like you have a lot of stuff keeping you busy these days! Good luck with your move.

    Love the layouts and be sure to keep checking in on us girls over at SE!

  4. So happy you are at Crop Suey!! WootWoot!!! I love the layouts, too. Good luck with your move!!

  5. Congrats on making another DT! :)