Monday, July 11, 2011

The Busiest Bestest Exhaustiest One Yet

Seriously?!? I just checked the calendar and we're only on WEEK FOUR?!? Yikes. Super De Duper Summer Spectacular is only 22 days in the can?!? Now don't get me wrong. You know I love living here, I mean everything is within like 5 minutes/5 miles. Every cool free or next to free kid activity is right here with my name on it. But, we only just started week 4? I'm pooped. My dogs are barking like when I was waiting tables 85 hours/week.

But, man it is soo worth it. The kids are literally having the time of their lives. If they're not out running the neighborhood (like we did when we were kids), they're hanging with all of their new friends, or we're off partaking in some fun movie premiere/reading program/bowling game.... you get the picture. Last week was a big one, so I will spare you and split the post. So ya know you gotta check back for the post with the twins Big Day!

Up first, more instagram love... New digs for the girls' bathroom and Miss Julia's bed. Wonder where the girls get their love of pink?

For The Fourth on the third we had a little alley barbeque with three other families. So, much fun...

Not great pictures, because there's no slowing down the Fun Train . Oh well, I see their smiles and that's ALL that matters.

This week's 20 Buck or less fun was Shrek Forever After complete with popcorn and soda for 6. Totally underestimated this one. It was great. The crew is really looking forward to the next installment.

More Studio Calico June goodness with a TON of stash thrown in. Consider this kit killed.

This last one is for this week's Creative Soup's Mojo Monday. You really have to come play along.

Be back with the Twinnies Birthday Fun soon.

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  1. Gosh, you guys are having lots of fun!!! Glad you are enjoying naval base life!! Slightly envious! I wish they had fun stuff here!! :) That first LO... so perfect for those photos!!! Very cool. All of your LO's are just so fun!! Making me want to pull my DW pics out and scrap a little!!! Almost afraid to admit, I haven't scrapped hardly any of them!! :o