Friday, July 15, 2011

It's Our Life

Say what you will about the much loved/maligned reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8, but there's more reality there than you might think. The last few years when they were still all together their tagline, "It Might Be a Crazy Life, But, It's OUR Life" really rings true for this harried Momma.

Last week was wrapped up with a day long celebration of these two...

Daddy had his first day off in 18 days. It was a treat as we had lots packed into the day and I was happy to have an extra pair of hands and eyes. We carbo loaded with these made by Daddy the chef...

After that we packed up the sunscreen and towels and headed to the pool. Oh man, did they love that!!

After a good nap we opened presents inside and then finished up in the garage... Yippee!!! do you have any idea of the agony these two were undergoing as they awaited the big day in hopes that they'd get big bikes?!?

Cake number numero uno. I can't get over their sweet expressions...

We wrapped up the day with dinner (pizza, their favorite) and a movie. We were lucky enough to enjoy another big movie event here on base. Including a red carpet, dressup, photographers, face painting, characters, snacks and sodas. It was a terrfic ending to a great day celebrating my babies. sniff sniff.

This one I had so much fun with. It has some instagram photos (surprise, surprise) and some July pix of the birthday kids. Scrap That Baby's latest prompt is Summer fun. I'd say these photos fit that bill. Swimming, Movie Stars, and Slurpees...

Enjoying one last weekend together before Donk is off. What Summer Fun do YOU have planned for this weekend?

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  1. What a fun birthday for the twins!! Ben also got a new bike.. we couldn't wait for his birthday (Dec.). I don't think the trike would have made it. He is getting tall. Such fun photos and a fun fun page. This weekend... scrapbooking and staying out of the hot, muggy weather. My middle is going boating tomorrow with a friend of hers and her family... so maybe that counts for some summer fun.. just not mine. :) Enjoy your last weekend before Patrick ships out.