Saturday, July 2, 2011

The One with the Recap of Week 2

Between falling into our summer routine AND Donk starting workups (in and out of town for days to weeks at a time for the next year), we've gotta lot of stuff going on. The kids and I are keeping busy with our Super De Duper Summer Survival AND starting our usual Just Me & Them Fun. Friday was Red Box/pizza night. This is one of those things we do just when Daddy's away. We also have brinner (breakfast for dinner), family game night, and baking with Momma (baked goods always make everything better, right?) I've found it's really helpful for the kids to have fun activities to look forward to, to help them forget Daddy is away, if only for a little while.

Super De Duper Summer Survival is in full swing, too. We got together with a couple of friends and hit the bowling alley. Can't beat a buck a game including shoes!! I'm all about a bargain when I plan are fun.

We're very serious bowlers, as you can tell...

Even better then a buck a game is FREE. The Navy Exchange at NOB is celebrating it's grand reopening. There was lots of fun stuff going on this week, including a Meet & Greet with Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens. Bubba was in hog heaven. The rest of the kids really enjoyed the complimentary energy drinks. Bad choice, Momma. Oy.

On the scrappy front, I sneak away to my craftroom as our busy sched allows. More Studio Calico June stuff. I think this makes 10 layouts!

Week three is on tap. Check back for the Twins Turn Four!!

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  1. Sounds like some fun!!! I need to find somewhere to take my kids bowling!! Thanks for the reminder! We haven't been bowling in YEARS!! Cute cute pages!! You are cranking out the DW pages!! I love the little rocket pins in the 2nd one! Whose are those (mfr)??