Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's Not ALL Fun & Games

Summer is sailing by. I've got the Bigs enrolled in their new school and the Twinnies are first on the waitlist at one of the local preschools. We've already begun conditioning for our new Pop Warner teams. Can't believe we start 5/week on Monday!! We all know P.J. loves his football, so he's in hog heaven to be knee deep in cleats already. It's Reagan's first year, and he seems to be loving it, as well. Lord knows this is a ginormous investment in time for ALL of us, so I'm thrilled they love it so. But, dang it's going to be crazy to be on the opposite sideline this year. We were Saints for FOUR years!! Gulp. Go Mustangs!!

Our summer hasn't been ALL movie premieres and bowling alleys and reading programs, we've also had some teeth falling out (by all three Bigs). Even a first for the Middle...

LOTS, I mean really LOTS of bike riding. But, seriously, Sullivan would spend 24/7 on his bike if I let him.

I caught this next one right after Sullivan uttered "Oh Little Girl I'm gonna get you," (he has a serious crush for our beautiful little neighbor girl). He's some kind of subtle, no?!? Yep, he's doing tricks at the ripe old age of 4...

Lots of scrappiness to share. Made the Twinnies some fun stuff for their party next month. Don't you just love the idea of a wand for Sassy?!?

More super fun BG Out of Print goodness...

Check back soon. I'm finishing up 4 more layouts featuring Studio Calico's July kit and lots more Instagram Love.

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