Thursday, September 29, 2011


Happy Almost Friday, Friends. Friends. What a great word. I can't tell you how blessed I feel when I think of my family & friends. I love all of them, but today I'm feeling particularly grateful for my military friends. They just get it, ya know?!? They get it & they don't judge you. Like today, one of my dear neighbors found me in my garage in tears and she hugged me and sat right down. I love that. They just know what you're going through and are always there to lend an ear. Or a husband. Shortly after, I answered my door to find more friends one of them with hubby in tow to loosen some bolts on my washer so I could take it apart yet AGAIN. Yet another reason I love living on base, I know there's always a hubby around when mine is not to lend a hand or a backdoor open to get some laundry done when my own washer is on the fritz. There's just something about the military lifestyle that just breeds this inner fire and independence in us. It's not an easy life, but it does have its moments.

Switching gears, the big boys both won their games on Saturday in the wet and muddy rain. So, much fun!! Love these pictures of the Bubba making the game ending tackle on 4th down to stop the Steelers from pulling ahead. Now THAT is what a lineman should look like!!!

Yep, that's him in the pile o mud being helped up...


And here's my sweet baby running that ball...

Here's a sneaky of my project for Crop Suey's October challenge...

Did this one for another amazing challenge on Mojo Monday at Creative Soup. Wanna join the fun? They are doing a DT call!! I highly recommend it.

Enjoy your weekend. And enjoy your family & friends, too!

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  1. So glad you have help when you need it. We are like that, Hubby and I. It is just a nice way to be. Kind of the pay it forward thing. Recently, well it will be 4 years the beginning of Nov. we lost a neighbor. He was young, leaving behind a wife and 2 kids. He was an electrician that burnt 30% of his body working on a job. I can't tell you how good it feels to do something to help my neighbor out, as she learned to go on without her hubby. Just those little things like you were speaking of. My hubby went and worked on her water heater. I was out walking as she was trying to assemble hanging baskets to go on her porch, which wasn't going well. I fixed it, hung them and went on my way. Made her day. She had set out pots on those porch stairs and came up short. I tried sneaking over to drop off one that she was missing. I grabbed an extra when I was at the store. That too really made her day. To know you have brightened someone's day makes you feel so good. I am glad you have a great support system!! :)

    Great photos.. some muddy boys there!! Love the pages as well. It is fun seeing the kids when they were littler.

    I hope you have a good weekend!! :) Hang in there! Hugs!