Monday, September 26, 2011

These are My Days

Phew. Here I am again trying to catch up here in blogland. The kids started back to school just after Labor Day and I'm just now getting some pictures up. School is great. The bigs are great. And even the twinnies have gotten into the groove. I was soo worried about the new school situation. I've spent so much time second guessing myself. Did we make ther right decision moving?. Would this new elementary school be a good fit for the brood? Phew. I did & it is.

Julia came home from the first day with a phone number of a new friend and P.J. picked up where he left off at Oakland and has already been selected for Safety Patrol. Gotta love a ten year old in a bright chartreuse belt! Reagan is excelling in 1st grade and is loving the challenges he encounters. Julia's entire curriculum is gifted based, not just during pull-in time. Love that she too will be challenged, I don't want them bored. She's such a smarty pants!

Football is chugging along and both boys won Saturday's games. If you want to see the pictures from the Mud Bowl check back soon. They are classic.

Using up some yummy Christmas scrappy stash...

Enjoy your Monday. See you on the football field!

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