Thursday, September 15, 2011

Every Day I'm Shuffling

Not exactly sure what that means... Everyday I'm Shuffling. But, man, does THAT describe me to a T!! I keep going day after day. Busy, busy, but I keep going. Football practice got rained (stormed) out tonight. I should have been giddy, but R's team really needs that practice. They're young, this is most of the flag teams' first year and are just now getting it, ya know? Week 3 is this weekend and I'm totally looking forward to putting one (or 2) in the win column.

But, before I go there, I'll back up. The boys have been working so hard. Reagan is a happy little sponge just bouncing and sprinting and giggling along. P.J. on the other hand is hitting harder than I ever imagined and fitting right into this new organization and loving every little bit of his practices. Loving life being on 4 teams, starting O, second team O, starting D, and the return team. Sigh, seriously?!?

yellow pants, far left...

the girls at R's first game...

such a fun group of boys, I forgot just how adorable this age was (please don't tell them I said this, they are playing football, afterall)...

The Mustangs quickly fell behind, but kept coming back each time the opposition ran the ball back for a TD, this one ended in a tie. I'd call that a victory. Check out #44!

Shifting gears. Waiting for weigh-ins for Bubba's team...

And out of nowhere.

He did NOT make weight.

We were all blindsided by this. No one more so than he. My poor boy was so heartbroken & yet so strong remaining on the sidelines as his new team was destroyed before his very eyes. sniff sniff. That which doesn't kill us, only makes us stronger.

So did not want to teach him this lesson. He's smart enough already.

stonger. r we.

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