Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's Not ALL Fun & Games

Summer is sailing by. I've got the Bigs enrolled in their new school and the Twinnies are first on the waitlist at one of the local preschools. We've already begun conditioning for our new Pop Warner teams. Can't believe we start 5/week on Monday!! We all know P.J. loves his football, so he's in hog heaven to be knee deep in cleats already. It's Reagan's first year, and he seems to be loving it, as well. Lord knows this is a ginormous investment in time for ALL of us, so I'm thrilled they love it so. But, dang it's going to be crazy to be on the opposite sideline this year. We were Saints for FOUR years!! Gulp. Go Mustangs!!

Our summer hasn't been ALL movie premieres and bowling alleys and reading programs, we've also had some teeth falling out (by all three Bigs). Even a first for the Middle...

LOTS, I mean really LOTS of bike riding. But, seriously, Sullivan would spend 24/7 on his bike if I let him.

I caught this next one right after Sullivan uttered "Oh Little Girl I'm gonna get you," (he has a serious crush for our beautiful little neighbor girl). He's some kind of subtle, no?!? Yep, he's doing tricks at the ripe old age of 4...

Lots of scrappiness to share. Made the Twinnies some fun stuff for their party next month. Don't you just love the idea of a wand for Sassy?!?

More super fun BG Out of Print goodness...

Check back soon. I'm finishing up 4 more layouts featuring Studio Calico's July kit and lots more Instagram Love.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summertime Freedom

Enjoyed a little, no, a really BIG party thrown for the residents of our housing area last week. They don't do anything small around here. The event was catered with some spectacular bbq & all the fixins, and there were a ton of fun activities for the kids to participate in while the moms and dads visited with each other. There were carciature artists, 2 water acivities (good thing, it was SO hot), sand pail decorating, and cornhole. So much fun...

Oh did all the Big Boys have fun with this one...

This sort of reverse dunk tank was a riot!!

Loved this week's Monday Mojo at Creative Soup...

HAD to grab up some of BG's mid-release: Out of Print...

Yea, yea yea. I know I still need to journal this, but you know sometimes you just gotta be in that mood, ya know?!?

Friday, July 15, 2011

It's Our Life

Say what you will about the much loved/maligned reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8, but there's more reality there than you might think. The last few years when they were still all together their tagline, "It Might Be a Crazy Life, But, It's OUR Life" really rings true for this harried Momma.

Last week was wrapped up with a day long celebration of these two...

Daddy had his first day off in 18 days. It was a treat as we had lots packed into the day and I was happy to have an extra pair of hands and eyes. We carbo loaded with these made by Daddy the chef...

After that we packed up the sunscreen and towels and headed to the pool. Oh man, did they love that!!

After a good nap we opened presents inside and then finished up in the garage... Yippee!!! do you have any idea of the agony these two were undergoing as they awaited the big day in hopes that they'd get big bikes?!?

Cake number numero uno. I can't get over their sweet expressions...

We wrapped up the day with dinner (pizza, their favorite) and a movie. We were lucky enough to enjoy another big movie event here on base. Including a red carpet, dressup, photographers, face painting, characters, snacks and sodas. It was a terrfic ending to a great day celebrating my babies. sniff sniff.

This one I had so much fun with. It has some instagram photos (surprise, surprise) and some July pix of the birthday kids. Scrap That Baby's latest prompt is Summer fun. I'd say these photos fit that bill. Swimming, Movie Stars, and Slurpees...

Enjoying one last weekend together before Donk is off. What Summer Fun do YOU have planned for this weekend?

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Busiest Bestest Exhaustiest One Yet

Seriously?!? I just checked the calendar and we're only on WEEK FOUR?!? Yikes. Super De Duper Summer Spectacular is only 22 days in the can?!? Now don't get me wrong. You know I love living here, I mean everything is within like 5 minutes/5 miles. Every cool free or next to free kid activity is right here with my name on it. But, we only just started week 4? I'm pooped. My dogs are barking like when I was waiting tables 85 hours/week.

But, man it is soo worth it. The kids are literally having the time of their lives. If they're not out running the neighborhood (like we did when we were kids), they're hanging with all of their new friends, or we're off partaking in some fun movie premiere/reading program/bowling game.... you get the picture. Last week was a big one, so I will spare you and split the post. So ya know you gotta check back for the post with the twins Big Day!

Up first, more instagram love... New digs for the girls' bathroom and Miss Julia's bed. Wonder where the girls get their love of pink?

For The Fourth on the third we had a little alley barbeque with three other families. So, much fun...

Not great pictures, because there's no slowing down the Fun Train . Oh well, I see their smiles and that's ALL that matters.

This week's 20 Buck or less fun was Shrek Forever After complete with popcorn and soda for 6. Totally underestimated this one. It was great. The crew is really looking forward to the next installment.

More Studio Calico June goodness with a TON of stash thrown in. Consider this kit killed.

This last one is for this week's Creative Soup's Mojo Monday. You really have to come play along.

Be back with the Twinnies Birthday Fun soon.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The One with the Recap of Week 2

Between falling into our summer routine AND Donk starting workups (in and out of town for days to weeks at a time for the next year), we've gotta lot of stuff going on. The kids and I are keeping busy with our Super De Duper Summer Survival AND starting our usual Just Me & Them Fun. Friday was Red Box/pizza night. This is one of those things we do just when Daddy's away. We also have brinner (breakfast for dinner), family game night, and baking with Momma (baked goods always make everything better, right?) I've found it's really helpful for the kids to have fun activities to look forward to, to help them forget Daddy is away, if only for a little while.

Super De Duper Summer Survival is in full swing, too. We got together with a couple of friends and hit the bowling alley. Can't beat a buck a game including shoes!! I'm all about a bargain when I plan are fun.

We're very serious bowlers, as you can tell...

Even better then a buck a game is FREE. The Navy Exchange at NOB is celebrating it's grand reopening. There was lots of fun stuff going on this week, including a Meet & Greet with Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens. Bubba was in hog heaven. The rest of the kids really enjoyed the complimentary energy drinks. Bad choice, Momma. Oy.

On the scrappy front, I sneak away to my craftroom as our busy sched allows. More Studio Calico June stuff. I think this makes 10 layouts!

Week three is on tap. Check back for the Twins Turn Four!!