Thursday, February 14, 2013

The One Where She Finally Finished Something

A little bright and fun miniBook for your scrappy enjoyment today. A year or two ago I found these 12x 12 felt sheets from Creative Imaginations in my scrappy room. I pondered what to do with them. They were so pretty I didn't want to cut them up and hide them in a scrapbook on a page. So, I got to thinking... Why don't I make them into an album. I cut them in half and sewed two back to back until I had 3-6x12 panels. I folded them in half to make 6 pages including both covers. I added a couple grommets to fit two binder rings. And, voila. A super cute miniBook for my daughter.

And it sat and gathered dust. With the coming of a new year and a mission to get some stuff done. I pulled this miniBook back out and in a couple of afternoons got the pictures printed and completed the album.

Here's a few peeks...

How about a giveaway?!? I picked up two of these Mara Mi desk calendars at Target. They were on clearance and thought they would make a fun GIVEAWAY to celebrate me getting something done AND getting back to my dear old bog. Just leave a comment about something you've finished recently and I'll draw a name on Sunday.

Getting back in the swing of things means more scrapping. I've been printing some older photos in an ongoing effort to get my books caught up. I see my Bubba at the age of 7 just starting his second year of football. All gap toothed and round chubby cheeks. And then flash forward to the traumatic shopping experience (for Momma) last week of buying skinny jeans for the now 12 year old P.J. for the middle school dance, gasp. What the what?!? He's old enough for that?!?

But, he's still his Momma's boy. Thank goodness. A Valentine gift for his Momma...

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  1. What a fun book!! Let's see... something I have finished.. a couple of LO's. That is a big thing for me right now. Cooking for the tax office, all kinds of home repair projects, kids, laundry (hey! I finished that too!! LOL) You know.. always something going on. :) Can't believe PJ is 12!!! Time sure flies!