Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The One Where They All Got Their Craft On

Can you guess what our afternoons have been filled with?!? I mean besides lots of homework and cheer practices and basketball practices, and scout meetings?!? Lots and lots of Valentines crafts! I so love working on things like this with brood. But, even more than that, I love that they enjoy crafting as much as I do. There's nothing like pre-gaming the day's craft and watching their excited faces bounding off the bus ready to discover what fun I have in store for them.

For Julia's class, I printed off this darling printable I found... Where else? On Pinterest. We added a cute pencil, eraser cap, and a strip of washi. Love.

The little boys both picked these Lego Star Wars printables from Pinterest, again. Add a glow bracelet I got from the dollar store, and the guys are wielding light sabers! So, so cool.

I finally got around to making another cork board project. I've made a couple in the past. One was for All About Scrapbooks (the fall one) and it and the other one (the Valentines themed one) I made are a couple of my more favorite projects. Not sure what it is about the cork, maybe the tactile nature of it or the endless possibilities... Who knows. I didn't get a kitchen calendar for 2013, so I printed up a cute one off of Pinterest and put together my own. Washi, a few embellies, and voila. Love, love that my scrappy "to do" is finally getting "done".

Here's a peek at the January calendar page...

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  1. LOL Ben chose a Star Wars printable from Pinterest too. A different one. It is just a light saber with the glow stick. Happy Valentine's Day!!