Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Clawing My Way Back

So, I sat down with my laptop on Friday to try to catch up on a little blogging while enjoying the evening's Red Box Friday selection (the original Karate Kid: 4 thumbs up). And you know what I discovered? When I slip even a little down in the dumps, I don't pick up my camera. And, this makes me really bummed. I see these wee ones of mine 24/7, and I'm amazed at just how quickly they are changing right before my eyes. And if I don't pick up the camera, I'll just miss it. I think the fact that just that day I had boxed up my big camera to be sent off to be repaired, didn't help. It wasn't even out of the house yet, and I was feeling naked without it. Got a few photos before it went off to the repair center...

Do you think Sullivan is spending too much time at the grocery store?!? He picked the ZhuZhu pet right up and scanned away. Gulp.

Here's one from R's first day of school back in August. And one from his last. After his End of Year program I dropped to my knees to beg Mrs. Gray to teach JUST 2 more years, just long enough to see Sophia and Sullivan through the K-4 program at Calvary just as she had for our first three. After teaching Sassy, she'll REALLY deserve that retirement.

After the awards ceremonies at P.J. and Julia's school, the parents were invited back to the classrooms for a short visit. The kids had the short stories they were working on out on their desks. After looking over Julia's (about she and her BFF Tyler), I let my eyes wander to some of her classmates'. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw one entitled "The Cats Who Loved Julia". Yep, you heard that right. I just can't make this stuff up. He was more than eager to request a picture (or several) of he and his story and his muse.

A few layouts I made for Croppin Paradise featuring 2 of Doodlebug's newest lines. Everything here is available in the CP Store. Tell me you're NOT ready for some Summertime scrappin?!?

Miss Sassy got her first haircut today. Check back tomorrow for the reveal. And I've also got some All About Scrapbook and Simply Obsessed Color Challenge stuff to share. Night.

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  1. Oh so sorry to hear your DSLR is in the shop!!! So hard to be without it!! I hear you on the pics thing.. I think I do that too. They really are changing right before our eyes. Can we slow them down alittle?? Love the pics!! And FUN FUN pages!! Hope you are doing well, Jenny!!!