Saturday, June 5, 2010

Who's that Lady? AKA Ramona Quimby

Ok, I know I'm totally revealing my age here, but doesn't Sassy's new 'do totally remind you of Ramona Quimby's hair from those classic Beverly Cleary books of our youth?!? And you know what a mischievous little imp Ramona was, so this totally fits our Sassy. Blame it on massive doses of sleep deprivation, but I finally broke down and got Sophia's hair cut. We were all at the haircut place to get all the Bigs done and somehow she ended up in the big chair getting one too. I'm pretty sure I blacked out for a second when I first saw her. I have never seen someone's appearance change so much with just a simple snip of some bangs. Wow. It has grown on me, and I think it suits her. P.J., on the other hand, is even worse with change than his Momma and still doesn't dig it.

Update on my sick DSLR. I got a estimate for the repairs and it just didn't make sense for me to go through with it. Once I paid that and bought new kit lens to replace the one the twins busted last year, it'd almost be as much as a new newer model DSLR. So Donk just bought me my Birthday/Anniversary gift. It'll be here on Monday. Can. not. wait!! I think a brand new camera (fully functional, at that) will be just what I need to jump back into the photo world!!

A little scrappiness for you today. A super cute 2-pager I made for All About Scrapbook's Creative Team Challenge for June. I combined that with my Color Challenge at Simply Obsessed. Feel free to play along with either challenge. The links are on my right sidebar! Check out this amazing ad from Waverly I used for my inspirational springboard...

Here's tha ad I pulled from Traditional Home magazine...

And this is what I came up with. these are some of my all time favorite pictures of the twins. Prepare to see them often. And I'm ok with that.

That's all for now. Happy Weekend!!

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  1. Oh holy cow, Jenny!!! Sophia grew up in seconds!!! She looks like a little girl!! Yes, it is amazing how much simple hair cut changes their looks!!! Gosh, she looks so much like her sissy!!! You know I love your pages!!! :) Hope you are enjoying your weekend!! Happy Birthday and Anniversary!! I remember from MP that they were pretty close together and not too far from mine!!! :) Enjoy the new camera!!!