Friday, June 11, 2010

I Have a Laser, And I WILL Use It

My mom thinks I'm a glutton for punishment. She just may be right, but there's something about getting through another day and kicking back with the Bigs and enjoying one of our weekend rituals. I enjoy it. You'd think I'd be counting the minutes til I can get some well deserved quiet ME time. But, despite having one harried frenetic stressful day after another, we ALL love Red Box Friday and all the rest. Just tonight the four of us were in one big pile at the foot of the tv watching the end of the Toy Story double feature and giggling like classmates. Ahh, so nice. Just what I needed after the twins went postal at Julia's gymnastics expo this afternoon. I got more of a workout that J did running back and forth between the twins' holding cell, I mean my air conditioned Denali and the gym mats. Don't even get me started on that.

It was like some of the people there had never seen 2 toddlers lose their minds. They sat in the stands just staring at me as I dragged Frick & Frack out of the gym. It is what it is. I am the only caregiver for 5 children under 10. My mom doesn't live around the corner. She can't run a couple kids to a birthday party while I take another to gymnastics. It's just me. I do what I can. And somehow, it's working. Patrick and I have 5 well-adjusted happy little people who participate in more activities than most, and they are lucky enough to have a Momma who loves them more than breathing. EVEN when they they go postal.

Remind me to tell you about my Wednesday. It started with an ER trip for Sullivan and included a dentist appointment for me and me begging the doc to pull my tooth, and when that didn't happen I headed to an oral surgeon who did the deed. Oh yea, then I headed home to get the biggest 2 off the bus and finish just another ordinary day. Phew.

Happy to be shooting again...

My therapy...

Thanks for stopping. Check back for some more Croppin Paradise reveals and pictures of my little gymnast. Night.


  1. When, when, WHEN do you have time to scrapbook?? Girl, you are amazing!

  2. Hoping everything calms down just a bit!!! Do I dare ask what happened to Sullivan at the ER? LOL Hope he is doing ok! Love the pics and pages!! That is a good question...when did you find time to do these?? I too love movie night with my kids! Hang in there, Jenny!!! Hoping Patrick will be home soon!!!