Friday, June 18, 2010

No Faces Friday for The Last Day of School

A Glimpse of our life.

Julia's little cubby. She sleeps here next to Reagan, because she just can't sleep alone in her own room/bed.

Miss Sophia SITTING and watching big brother's awards assembly...

Sullivan's burn is healing. So much so, that he shared a bandaid with the baby...

Farmer Jesse is back!!

I'm back! To hanging out behind my lens. Ahh...

A nice diversion for Frick & Frack while I threw birthday presents in the cart without them seeing.

If you want to make the Twinnies day, just give them a box of flipflops. These are Bubba's shoes and Sullivan's feet...

(I know there's a face here, but it's not one of mine). She just loves this puppy. She must hug it one more time before we go... Look at her droopy little bum.

Blueberry pancake stained top, ZhuZhu Pets, and fruitsnacks. Ahh, this is the life.

Artwork after the sprinkler.

Be back soon with lots of scrappy inspiration. Hope you are enjoying this new day.


  1. Okay, NOW I get wanting a drink with hubby in the desert. Alas, it's still a billion degrees outside. :) Love, love your photos and takes on life with the children. x, E

  2. LOVE the pics!!! I am glad you are back!! Love the new camera!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are doing well!! :)